Homeo & Herbal Medicine

Dr. Sheraz Waheed

(Managing Director)

Famous name Dr. Abdul Rehman

DHMS, RHMP from Pakistan

Almia from Birmingham (UK)

Doctor Abdul Rehman, a renowned Homeopathic doctor of Pakistan, completed DHMS degree in homeopathy from Abbott Homeo College Abbottabd.He was also interested in scientific use of herbal medicine in different disease. He worked day and night experimenting on functional and healing mechanism of herbal ingredients He succeeded to develop different compounds of herbal products to ease the human life.

He got achievement in healing the concerned disease through his current products and some life saving new products are being in progress and will be available soon. His products have no alternate

Dr. Rubina Sheraz

(Country Manger)

MSc Zoology, DHMS,RHMP

 Doctor Rubina is very devoted and helpful in the research study of Dr. Sheraz Waheed and she also contributed in writing experimental data and formulation of different compounds. She has devoted her entire life for the service of humanity.



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